Why You Should Start Planning Your CIF Bids Now

Time for CIF project applications is now getting remarkably short. As of September 3rd 2019, there are only some 30 term days left until the Condition Improvement Fund opens, which means that there are approximately just 30 days before the funding round closes for another year.

Is CIF For You?

The Condition Improvement Fund is only available to Standalone Academies, Small Multi Academy Trusts (MAT’s), Free Schools, Academy Special Schools and Sixth Form Colleges. It is also available to ‘converting’ Academies, that have had their formal academy order signed by September 1st 2019 and will convert by the time the funding is awarded (around April 2020).

CIF Complexities

Large costly projects can be very complex, time consuming and will require surveys, feasibility studies and even plans, drawings and planning consent etc. The projects will also require an approved and comprehensive pre-application tendering process to demonstrate ‘value for money’ to the Education & Skills Funding Agency.

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Create The Urgency

Project applications take time, so it is with some urgency that you should be engaging with your expert CIF advisors now. If you wait until October you may find that the best advisors are all booked up and cannot take on your project applications.

Risk Free With ICS

ICS offers a risk-free ‘no win no fee’ service that has helped secure in the region of £60Million in Condition Improvement Funding. Successful ICS-supported projects have averaged out at over £300,000 per project.

Use Your Time Wisely

It is not too late if the remaining time is used wisely. ICS can still help you to get the best appraisal of your projects, so that the best evidence can be gathered, and the critical information can be compiled in readiness for the application portal opening just prior to the October half term holiday.

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Act now so that your applications can be compiled and submitted in plenty of time before the closing deadline in mid-December 2019. Contact ICS today on 01623 821587 or alternatively, email info@ics-funding.co.uk

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