What Are Condition Improvement Fund Grants Available For?

Condition Improvement Fund Grants, or CIF Grants to use its acronym is an annual grant funding round from the government Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Highest Priority CIF Projects

Legislation and Health & Safety, including Hot & Cold Water Services, Ventilation, Air Quality & Thermal Comfort, Asbestos Removal, Gas safety, Electrical safety, Lift safety, Fire safety, Security and Safeguarding.

Priority Stamp

High Priority CIF Projects

Life Expired Condition Replacement, risk of school closure, including Building Structure, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, Utility Capacity & Utility Connections.

Medium Priority CIF Projects

Life Expired Condition Replacement, including Internal & External Building Fabric, Building Structure, Mechanical and Electrical systems.

School Expansion CIF Projects

Between 10% & 19% of the Condition Improvement Fund is allocated to address expansion issues across high-performing academies and colleges. It is expected that this part of the fund will always be heavily oversubscribed.

Projects to expand specialist facilities, such as science laboratories and sports halls, where there is a not an overall need for expansion across the site may not be funded. Due to the high level of over-subscription, it is expected only to fund projects at schools that can demonstrate that they are high-performing.

ICS Support

Each eligible school is entitled to bid for two CIF projects of up to £4M per project.

If you are at Primary or Secondary level within a School, Academy, Special School, 6th Form College or a Small Multi-Academy Trust with under 3000 pupils, then we can help you to secure CIF funding through our ‘no win no fee’ school support services.

You can see examples of our Past Funding Successes here.

Eco Classrooms - Condition Improvement Fund Grant Success Example

Salix Energy Efficiency Fund

Salix Finance Ltd is an independent, not for profit company funded by The Department for Energy and Climate Change. It delivers 100% interest-free capital to CIF-eligible schools and colleges to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions. Schools should pay back their loan within 8 years.

Salix was established in 2004 as an independent, publicly funded company, dedicated to providing the public sector with loans for energy efficiency projects and supports over 120 different types of energy efficient technologies, with the most popular school projects involving LED lighting, boiler upgrades, heating, hot water systems and insulation.

Energy efficiency

Efficient technologies consume less energy and often result in a more comfortable learning environment with improved heating and lighting, without reducing performance. Furthermore, energy efficiency improvements result in lower energy bills, saving revenue funding in your school.

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