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Project Funding for Schools

How to access funding grants

It may help to ask some important questions about the skills within your organisation first:

  • Do you know if your organisation is eligible to apply for funding?
  • Do you know what funding agencies to apply to?
  • Do you fully understand what funders want to see on your application form?
  • Do you have the latest and most relevant statistics and supporting evidence?
  • Do you understand funding ‘jargon’ or know the latest ‘buzz’ words and ‘trigger’ phrases?
  • From a practical point of view is this the best possible use of your valuable time and efforts or should you get the experts in to help?

If the answer to all of the above questions is a confident ‘YES’ then you may not need us and we sincerely wish you every success with your applications.

If however, any of your answers are ‘NO’ then don’t hesitate – please call 01623 821587 now, because our expert Bid Writing or Bid Checking services may be just the answer to realise your ambitions.

What is the risk?

There is absolutely no financial risk to you or your organisation whatsoever as our bid writing service is provided on a “no win no fee” basis on grants up to £10,000. Our team can call upon a wealth of experience and expertise to advise and guide you, we will be with you every step of the way, to ‘steer’ you through the funding ‘minefield’. We will use expertise that is based on a very successful track record built up over many years to support you with the writing of funding applications that will give you the very best chances of success.

We have access to a mountain of statistics and the latest information from local and national funding search engines so we understand what funders are looking for. We are in tune with the latest trends and we understand the jargon, the ‘buzz’ words and the ‘trigger’ phrases that are often used. We guarantee that your funding application will always be personal and bespoke to your needs so our advisers will help you to explore avenues for projects that you may not have even considered. Projects that when successful can make a real difference to your organisation and to your community.

What will it cost to engage the experts?

The best way to answer this question is to think very positively and ask “How much money can the experts help me raise”? The generally accepted ratio for ‘outsourcing’ returns are in the region of £4 in income generated for every £1 that is invested. ICS consultants have a consistent average return that is in the region of £8 generated for every £1 of investment which is double the accepted ratio. Working with ICS will help you save time, effort and money by enabling you to concentrate on your key goals.

ICS Consultants have an excellent track record, based on numerous successful bid writing results so please visit our Recent Funding Successes page to see the types of projects that have been successful.


“We have worked with ICS for many years and with their expert help and support we have secured regular grants over this time to provide a number of exciting projects at the school.  The projects have had a significant impact on pupil attainment and pupil’s emotional health and well being. With these grants we have been able to significantly improve our facilities, equipment and activities. This funding has provided, and continues to provide tremendous benefits for the school and our children. These achievements would have been unthinkable without the valuable help of ICS. I, unreservedly, have no hesitation in recommending their very professional services to any school.”

Bill Lewis, Headteacher, St Philip Neri with St. Bede Catholic Academy

“We have a longstanding relationship with Integrated Community Solutions and we have found their support invaluable. They have helped us to obtain significant levels of funding that has enabled the school to provide our children with a whole new range of extra-curricular activities in addition to improvements in our equipment & facilities. Without their help we would not have been able to commit the time, effort and resources needed to secure this funding.”

Matt Crawford, Executive Headteacher, National Schools Leader, Richardson Smalley Primary School

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