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Salix Energy Efficiency Funding

What is SALIX Finance?

Salix Finance Ltd is an independent, not for profit company funded by The Department for Energy and Climate Change, The Welsh Assembly Government and The Scottish Government. Salix works in partnership with The Higher Education Funding Council for England on its Revolving Green Fund.

salix financeSalix Finance Ltd delivers 100% interest-free capital to Local Authority Maintained Schools and Public Sector Organisations to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions. Schools should pay back their loan within 8 years.

Salix was established in 2004 as an independent, publicly funded company, dedicated to providing the public sector with loans for energy efficiency projects.

Salix currently has funding available for England, Scotland and Wales.

Academies can obtain SALIX funding to take out Operating Leases for energy efficiency equipment that will drive down their future energy costs.

How does it work?

Salix provides 100% interest free capital finance to schools, to undertake energy efficiency projects. This capital is paid back using the savings produced through reduced energy bills.

Salix supports over 120 different types of energy efficient technologies, with the most popular school projects involving LED lighting, boiler upgrades, heating and insulation.

Efficient technologies consume less energy and often result in a more comfortable learning environment with improved heating and lighting, without reducing performance. Furthermore, energy efficiency improvements result in lower energy bills, saving revenue funding in your school.

Using energy more efficiently also reduces CO2 emissions, lowering your school’s carbon footprint, helping to meet government targets and encouraging pupils to learn about environmental responsibility.

   Please click to download more information about the Salix Energy Efficiency Fund for Academies and Salix Finance for Local Authority Maintained schools

Energy Efficiency Measures include:

  • Building & Pipework Insulation
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Ventilation systems & controls
  • Heating & Hot Water
  • Windows
  • Boilers
  • Computer & ICT equipment
  • Building Management Systems
  • Laboratory equipment

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“We have a longstanding relationship with Integrated Community Solutions and we have found their support invaluable. They have helped us to obtain significant levels of funding that has enabled the school to provide our children with a whole new range of extra-curricular activities in addition to improvements in our equipment & facilities. Without their help we would not have been able to commit the time, effort and resources needed to secure this funding.”

Head of a Derbyshire Primary School

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