How does the Condition Improvement Fund Work?

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is a grant made available from the governments Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). It is an application only fund that can only be accessed by eligible schools. CIF as it is otherwise referred to, is available for open single Academies (Special, Primary & Secondary), small Multi Academy Trusts & 6 th Form Colleges with a maximum of 3000 enrolled pupils.

Can Newly Forming Academies Apply For CIF?

Newly forming academies can apply to the forthcoming CIF round provided their academy order is signed by September 1st 2019 and conversion can be completed by April 1st 2020 to enable acceptance of the funding.

Example CIF Projects

CIF aims to resolve any ‘priority’ issues of poor or ‘life expired’ buildings condition, health and safety issues or infrastructure issues. Projects can include items such as roofing, windows replacement, boilers, heating, plant and distribution, security, safeguarding, asbestos removal, fire safety, replacement classrooms and classroom expansion. See some of our recent success stories here.

Condition Improvement Funding for Academies

Can You Bid For Multiple Projects?

Primary and Special schools may bid for 2 projects between £20K & £4Million per project. Secondary and All through schools as well as 6th Form Colleges can bid for 2 projects between £50K and £4Million for each project.

Can You Outsource The CIF Application Process?

Yes, and we actively encourage it. At ICS Support Services, our job is to make your life easier by taking the stress and time-consuming process for your Condition Improvement Fund application off your hands. Professional advisors, such as chartered surveyors and project managers may be engaged to help with applications and project delivery. The fees are transparently included within the application. ICS Support Services provides a no risk ‘no win no fee’ service on all CIF applications. Our panel of expert CIF Chartered Surveyor specialists have developed a wealth of experience and expertise in successfully helping to secure IRO £58 million in CIF capital funding for our academy clients. Last year was another very successful year for our panel Condition Improvement Fund Results

Condition Improvement Funding for Academies

What Does The Online Application Entail?

A technical online application has to be compiled with project details, costings, feasibility studies, surveys, reports, a pre-application tendering exercise and strong evidence to support the justification for the project or projects. The application is completed online on the ESFA CIF Portal and all accompanying evidence uploaded onto the application for each project.

When Does The Condition Improvement Fund Application Process Open?

The fund will open just prior to the October Half Term break 2019 and will close around the 13th or 14th of December 2019, so the application window is very small indeed. Projects are then thoroughly scrutinised during a lengthy ESFA adjudication process and decisions are announced for successful projects around late March or early April 2020.

If Successful, When Can CIF Project Work Commence?

Once the grant is approved and accepted by the school the works can be ordered and undertaken in line with the project plan included within each successful application. Staged payments from the ESFA are made to the school in line with an agreed payment plan. All projects will need be completed by December of 2020.

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