Condition Improvement Funding for Academies

 Condition Improvement Fund (East of England)

In association with our expert CIF-Specialist Chartered Surveyor Partners, ICS offers a ‘No Upfront Fee’ Project Survey and Bid Writing services for Standalone Academies, Small Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), Free Schools, Academy Special Schools, Sixth Form Colleges & Non-Diocesan VA Schools to help access the ESFA Condition Improvement Fund (East England) grants.

In the past 4 years we have supported our schools to secure many £Millions in funding throughout England, including Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk in the East of England.

Our panel of expert CIF Chartered Surveyor specialists have developed a wealth of experience and expertise in successfully helping to secure IRO £60 million in CIF capital funding for our academy clients. Last year was another very successful year for our panel Condition Improvement Fund Results

The Condition Improvement Fund is only available to Standalone Academies, Small Multi Academy Trusts (MAT’s), Free Schools, Academy Special Schools, Sixth Form Colleges & Non-Diocesan VA Schools. It is also available to ‘converting’ Academies, that have had their formal academy order signed by September 1st 2020 and will convert by the time the funding is awarded (around 1st April 2021).

Large Multi Academy Trusts with 3,000 pupils or more will receive their own capital funding allocations, so are ineligible to apply for this funding.

Condition Improvement Fund grants are available for Poor ‘Condition’ & ‘Life Expired’ works to school buildings, including Security, Safeguarding. Fire & Gas Safety, Ventilation and Air Quality. It is also available for Thermal Comfort, Roofing, Asbestos removal, Drainage & Water Services, Mechanical & Electrical Systems. Replacement Classrooms, Windows & Doors.

Each school is allowed to bid for two eligible projects of up to £4M per project.

See examples of our past successful projects here Past Funding Successes

Our ‘No Upfront Fee’ Service* includes:

  • Free advice, guidance & support
  • Initial Needs Evaluation Survey
  • Project identification & Project Appraisal
  • Pre-application cost tendering to meet audit requirements
  • Condition Improvement Fund Applications professionally written
  • Full Project Management & CDM Service upon success

*Other essential specialist Technical Surveys may be required and can be provided at a mutually agreed cost.

CIF Applications – Limited Timescale for Applications

The current funding round is now closed but will open in mid October 2020.

Do not delay in identifying potential projects as the lead-time will get ever shorter towards the December 2020 deadline. Advance planning is critical to ensure that all preliminary surveys, permissions, project tenders, supporting evidence and needs assessments are completed and the application written in time.

Please contact us now to receive our free independent advice, guidance and support in preparation for this years funding round.

Condition Improvement Fund Priorities

Highest Priority
Legislation and Health & Safety, including Hot & Cold Water Services, Ventilation, Air Quality & Thermal Comfort, Asbestos Removal, Gas safety, Electrical safety, Lift safety, Fire safety, Security and Safeguarding.

High Priority
Life Expired Condition Replacement, risk of school closure, including Building Structure, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, Utility Capacity & Utility Connections.

Medium Priority
Life Expired Condition Replacement, including Internal & External Building Fabric, Building Structure, Mechanical and Electrical systems.

Lower Priorities
It is unlikely that any of the other lower priority projects will be funded.

School Expansion Projects

A small proportion (between 10% & 19%) of the Condition Improvement Fund will be allocated to address expansion issues across high-performing academies and colleges. It is expected that this part of the fund will always be heavily oversubscribed.

Projects to expand specialist facilities, such as science laboratories and sports halls, where there is a not an overall need for expansion across the site may not be funded. Due to the high level of over-subscription, it is expected only to fund projects at schools that can demonstrate that they are high-performing and meet the following criteria:

  • the applicant organisation must be Ofsted ‘outstanding’, ‘good with outstanding features’ or ‘good’ AND
  • have KS2/4 attainment and progress results above the national average. This must be sustained for three years OR
  • have an upward trajectory of attainment for three years

Expansion applications from high performing academies or sixth-form colleges seeking to increase their admissions or address issues of overcrowding will score most highly.

Link to the Education & Skills Funding Agency CIF Guidance Notes

Example Successes

Henderson Green Primary, Norfolk – New Fire Doors, Fire Protection Measures, Canopy Replacement & Roof Repairs

Whipperley Infants, Bedfordshire – Roof Replacement

Valley Primary, Norfolk – New Windows, Fire Doors & Fire Protection Measures

Mendlesham Primary, Suffolk – New Windows

St Peter & St Pauls Academy, Lincolnshire – New Safeguarding & Security Measures

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